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Ainterol Breast Enhancement Capsules

Ainterol Pueraria Mirifica Breast Enhancement CapsulesStrongest and most effective Pueraria Mirifica breast enhancement product available.

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Free Breast Enlargement Handbook
Free Breast Enlargement Handbook

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The manufacture and consumption of herbal products is not an exact science.  The theories and opinions expressed here are just that, my opinions and theories.  It is not scientific fact.  I am not a doctor, physician, or scientist.  You should not rely solely on the information provided here.  You must consult other professional sources (e.g., your own doctor) before taking any herbal supplements such as Pueraria Mirifica.  I do not give medical advice. The information on this web site is intended to provide general knowledge only and is not a substitute for medical advice for or treatment of specific medical conditions.  Do not take any products containing Pueraria Mirifica if you are pregnant, breastfeeding, if you have been diagnosed with medical conditions of the ovaries, uterus, or breast, if you have had allergic reactions to any of the ingredients, including isoflavones, or if you are currently taking cancer or hormone-based medicines.  Never exceed the recommended dosage on the bottle.  Always stop taking any herbal product if you notice any adverse or abnormal effects, and seek medical help immediately.

How much Pueraria Mirifica should I take and how should I take it?


There are so many different Pueraria Mirifica herbal supplements on the market today some confusion about dosage, potency, and directions for use is inevitable.  So based on current research and information, what is the correct way to take Pueraria Mirifica and how much should you take?

Unfortunately, there is no "correct" way to take Pueraria Mirifica.  Remember, the manufacture and consumption of herbal products is not an exact science.  This is not like taking a prescription medication that you get from your doctor.  Even the directions on the bottle are labeled, "Suggested Use."  However, because of all the ambiguous information it is a concern, so I offer the following explanation to help you decide what is best for you.  I will concentrate on the products that are available on the GetBustUpGum.com web site.  If you have not done so already, please read the above WARNING before you continue.

Potency and Dosage

There are many different manufacturers making varying strengths (potency) of Pueraria Mirifica products.  Let's take two examples from GetBustUpGum.com.

For Bio Bust Guao Krua Herbal Capsules it is suggested that you take two capsules twice daily before meals.  Since each capsule of Bio Bust is 250mg, you would be taking 1000mg of Pueraria Mirifica per day.  For B2UP Pure 100 Capsules, it is suggested that you take two capsules per day.  That is 500mg of Pueraria Mirifica per day.  Which is best?  Well, there is no answer because there is no standard.  According to the research I've done, the suggested amount of Pueraria Mirifica varies from 100mg (approximately two pieces of Bust Up Gum) to 1000mg per day (four Bio Bust capsules).

There is some evidence to suggest that at higher doses (800mg per day) more women experience better breast enlargement results.  However, because Pueraria Mirifica stimulates the bowels, higher doses can cause diarrhea (not always, it's just a possible side effect).  If you experience this side effect, reduce the amount of Pueraria Mirifica you are taking.  When it comes to herbal products, more is not necessarily better.

Based on the information I have read, my suggestion is to take no more than 1000mg per day for 15 days (see Suggested Use below).  And don't take that high dosage for the entire month, it's not necessary, you'll see breast enlargement results anyway.  At lower dosages (500 mg per day with Pure 100 or 220mg per day with Bust Up Gum, which is approximately four pieces of gum), you can take it for more than 15 days (see Suggested Use below).

When in doubt, follow the manufacturer's directions found on the bottle.  Never exceed the suggested dosage.  Always stop taking any herbal product if you notice any adverse or abnormal effects, and seek medical help immediately.

Suggested Use

So how often should you take Pueraria Mirifica and for how long?  Using the same two products as an example, Bio Bust Guao Krua Herbal Capsules suggests beginning the treatment on the first day of your menstrual cycle continuing until 15th day and then stopping for that month, continuing for each month in the same manner.  B2UP Pure 100 Capsules and Bust Up Gum suggest taking their product the entire month except during menstruation.  Let's say menstrual periods last an average of five days and menstrual cycles are an average of 28 days (everyone is different, but I'll use these figures for the example).  You would be taking B2UP Pure 100 Capsules for approximately 23 consecutive days.

So, with Bio Bust you are taking 1000mg a day for only 15 days of the month and during menstruation.  With Pure 100 (and Bust Up Gum) you are taking 500mg a day (220mg a day for Bust Up Gum) for approximately 1.5 times that many days of the month and not during menstruation.  Two different approaches by two different manufacturers. Which is right?  Again, there is no answer.  You (and perhaps your doctor) must decide which is right for you.  To help you do that, I offer the following theory.  But remember, when in doubt follow the manufacturer's suggested use.

Since Pueraria Mirifica can affect the onset and duration of menstruation, waiting for the onset of menstruation to start taking Pueraria Mirifica probably allows your body to maintain its normal menstrual rhythm (cycle).  Since you had not taken any Pueraria Mirifica for approximately 13 days, your body decides when to start menstruation without any herbal influence.  This method allows your body to regulate itself and you get the added benefits of Pueraria Mirifica.

By taking Pueraria Mirifica right up to the beginning of menstruation and then stopping, the herb will probably have more of an effect on the onset, and perhaps duration, of menstruation.  Some may find this effect helpful (and perhaps have a healthier menstruation), while others may not since onset and duration may be different every month.

There may also be hormonal reasons to take Pueraria Mirifica at one time of the month than another (e.g, just before a menstrual period estrogen and progesterone levels drop), but that is way beyond the scope of this web site and my knowledge.  However, I offer this theory anyway.  Since Pueraria Mirifica mimics estrogen, and estrogen levels drop just before menstruation, some women may find that taking Pueraria Mirifica up to the onset of menstruation helps them with premenstrual syndrome (PMS).  Since PMS occurs two weeks or so prior to the next menstrual period, this would coincide with the 13 days you are not taking Pueraria Mirifica with the Bio Bust treatment.  However, with Pure 100 and Bust Up Gum you would be taking Pueraria Mirifica for that 13 day period thus possibly easing PMS symptoms.


Did I confuse you even more?  I hope not.  I hope this helps you decide what is best for you.  No matter which treatment method you choose you can still see the many benefits of Pueraria Mirifica.  Along with breast enlargement and healthier menstruation, it can give you healthier hair and skin (there are reports of acne disappearing), relieve menopausal symptoms, improve circulation, increase vaginal secretion, reduce stress, and fight aging.

You can always use a little of both treatment methods and still get great results.  Here's how:  Purchase a bottle of Bio Bust and just take one capsule (instead of two) twice a day for 15 days (a total of 500mg per day, the same as B2UP's Pure 100 treatment).  One bottle will now last you two months instead of just one month, so you saved a lot of dough and still got the benefits of Pueraria Mirifica!  Just remember, never exceed the suggested dosages.

And don't dismiss Bust Up Gum because it has less Pueraria Mirifica.  There is a  theory that by chewing the gum some of the Pueraria Mirifica gets absorbed slowly through the membranes in your mouth and your body is better able to make use of it.  Swallowing a capsule and blasting your body with Pueraria Mirifica all at once may be too much for your body to handle.  After making use of what it can, your body will wash away the rest of the herbal ingredients.

Remember, when it doubt follow the suggested use on the bottle.  Talk to your doctor before taking any herbal supplements.  And if you experience any adverse or abnormal effects, get medical attention immediately.

I will continue to research this subject and update this web page as necessary.  And as always, if you have any questions, feel free to contact me at Info@GetBustUpGum.com .

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